Sunday, 22 March 2009

Block 5 is done!

I have been amazed at the size of this block ever since I saw it in the magazine. I had fun making it up and it looks good with the other ones I have done.

Block 5

I am not really a lover of shopping for shoes as I have strange feet that don’t want to fit into shoes easily. So it isn’t all that enjoyable for me. But don’t get me wrong..I absolutely love shoes and would have cupboards full of them if I could get them to fit.

Hugs to all

6 lovely people said....:

barb's creations said...

The block is gorgeous and I agree it is a very big block.I love the border fabric you've used,very pretty.Barb

Ondrea said...

Wow! That does really look fantastic! I was also a bit overwhelmed by the size, infact I am ovewhelmed by the size of the completed quilt!!! The colours you have chosen look great and the border fabric really sets it off nicely. How did you get it done so quickly? I want one of those clocks you must have, you know, the one with the extra hours on it! Hehehhe.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Vicki, this block is beautiful! I subscribe to Homespun, and think the mystery quilt is a great idea, and the designs I've seen to date are very pretty. Are you part of a group of ladies completing the blocks simultaneously? Also! I'm curious... where does the name Tozz come from?!!! Have a great day! Vikki :-)

Arlette said...

That's a darling block. Love all of the embroidered shoes. Very cute!

Béa said...

Arrrrgh ! A bigger block, much more embroidery!!!!!!!! Poor me !
Very beautiful work, Vicki.
Hugs from France

trelly said...

Hi Vicki! Block 5 is cute! I have a subscription and I recieve the issue a little bit later than you, I hope the block 5 arrives quickly. Your fabrics are beautiful. Kisses from Spain