Monday, 23 February 2009

What quilt is on your bed??

Lynette Anderson asked what quilt was on my bed. Well I have my Candlewick quilt that was sort of the beginning for my whole quilting adventure. I say its an adventure as I am discovering new things along the path and its all very exciting. I am making wonderful friends and making lots of different sewn projects. I am so glad I decided to make quilting and sewing my hobby.

We have moved from this house where this photo was taken and its not the best but you can get an idea.

I started it about 8 yrs ago and finished it about 4 yrs ago now. I had to make cushions to match.

8 lovely people said....:

Lynette Anderson said...

I love the combination of candlewicking and lace, your quilt is just gorgeous.

Debs said...

I love candlewicking and you should be very proud of your quilt Vicki.

clare said...

Beautiful Vicki .
clares craftroom

patchwitch said...

wow, tozz, I like it very much!

The Patchwork Apple- Jane said...

Hi, sorry about the comment page, but couldn't find your email anywhere. Thank you for your comment. We have the shrinking sheet for $33 per metre @ 120cm wide. Its such fun, a bag would be excellent!
cheers Jane

MissyMack said...

Gorgeous Vicki! You do realise you will have to take some close up photos of the blocks now, don't you?

helbel19 said...

Your quilt is lovely, I have one very similar on the go at the moment so yours gives me inspiration.


cheryl said...

Hello Vicki!
I just love your candlewick quilt! It would look super on my bed!!