Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I've done some more and loving them!!

I have been busy doing more of the DJ blocks. They certainly get you in and I can now see why Jane Stickle made so many blocks. Its a bit like smoking cigarettes...just one isn't enough. Not that I smoke now but I used to and glad I have given them up. But I wont be giving these little babies up.

mya10 mya11 mya12 mya13 myb1 myb2 myb3 myb4 myb5 myb6

I am keeping them in a folder and also as I have scanned these I am putting them onto a virtual wall which came with the CD software. Great stuff and its good to see them all where they are supposed to be.

6 lovely people said....:

Suzi-q said...

Looking great vicki, the virtual wall sounds interesting and would be fun to play with

clare said...

Vicki they all look so good .Can't wait to see more .
Clare's Craftroom

Miss Muggins said...

A much healthier addiction me thinks!!!!

Margarita said...

Wow Vicki they are gorgeous, you very nearly have me persauded to try this.


clare said...

Vicki I have left something for you over at my blog .
Clare's Craftroom

Debs said...

Vicki they are amazing. How big is each one?