Thursday, 25 September 2008

Go Team Bongo!

Here is a wall hanger I made for my son who has a Bongo van done up to race in the mud races that are held annually at Kukerin on the long weekend in September. He has a ball racing and there's plenty of mud to go all over. I thought I would make a wall hanger for him to show him that I am proud of him and what he does. I printed photos of him and his Bongo onto fabric and then placed them amongst the blocks. I appliquéd flames and swirls on there as they represent the flames on his Bongo and the swirls are him racing thru to the finish line. He spends a lot of dollars and hours doing the van up to take it racing and his mates all love the weekend away as they camp at the show grounds and have a ball. It's a great event.

Nick's Wall Hanger. Team Bongo Sept 2008 (1) (Small)

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princess pudge said...

wow .. i'm still in awe of this creation, it's just superb in every way!