Friday, 13 June 2008

Caring Hearts Quilt

I am on a forum and the lovely ladies on there send hearts sewn onto 6" squares to a co-ordinator and then when someone nominates some hearts to be sent to someone who needs a group hug the co-ordinator sends out some of the hearts in the colours that the person likes. Well I was lucky to get 2 lots of hearts. One lot in greens and one in purples. So I put them together with some stitcheries I did and made this lovely lap quilt. Thanks for the hearts and hugs girls :)

Also on this forum I join in the swaps we have and we had a Bag swap and I recieved this awesome bag from Jorja. I love it!!

This is the bag I sent to Jorja in the swap.

2 lovely people said....:

Jen said...

The caring hearts quilt is beautiful - lucky you!

miss~nance said...

OH Vicki I just love what you have done with the caring hearts. ANd who would have thought that 2 diffrent lots of hearts in 2 totally different colours would looks so fab together.