Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My mothers quilt she didn't finish.

This quilt I have was my mothers and after she died I inherited it to finish it. I have yet to put an edge around it and then back it. I don't think I will put any batting in it as it is really quite heavy and only a light weight backing fabric will be used I think.  My Mum started it about 30 odd years ago as it has fabric from my school uniform that she made me and also fabric from items she made for my baby sister who is in her late 30's now so its pretty darn old for a quilt that's not finished. Its bigger than a double bed size as this is on a queen size bed and is hanging over the edges quite a fair bit.

Mum's quilt

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Jen said...

Tozz, I love it. It's a special thing to have - I have one that granma and mum have worked on. It's my first "what would you grab if the house was on fire?" thing!