Saturday, 3 May 2008

I splurged out big time and got myself a new sewing machine.

This is one of my great achievements...a new sewing machine that does just about everything except cut out the fabric and iron it. lol

I love it and love all the stitches it has and all its tricky bits too.

Its a Janome Memory Craft 6500 ...

Janome Sewing Machine Feb 2008

3 lovely people said....:

isaray said...

hi I just found your blog I have the same machine you have also just bought when I got mine I was told NEVER to have a magnetic pin holder anywhare near my machine as it can blow your computer in the machine and will blow your warenty hope this is helpfull.
Hugs Isabella

Tozz said...

Thank you for that information and I didnt know it. I will move my magnetic pin holder right now. Gee you just wouldnt think about something like that. Thanks again Isabella.

zarina said...

I too found your blog since I just bought a MC6500P machine (only getting it in my hand on Fiday). Thanks for the tip, isaray