Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Today's a special day.

I am trying out a program that allows me to write what I want and have it uploaded to my blog with out me signing in to my blog. Now that's technology for you. Easter Time  This is my latest design I have had published in Handmade magazine. Easter is the theme.

Crocheted Edged Hexagon Doiley May 07 This is a placemat I designed and had published also in Handmade. I love designing and having my projects published is such a big buzz.

  Finished Project Cork Pinup Board This one the Editor of Handmade asked the ladies on the forum to enter the challenge of using items around the house that we would be throwing out and so I got some shirts from the local Op Shop and cut them up and then I had some old corks which I cut in half and made this cork pin up board. It was good fun.

       I have a few more that I have designed and hope to get published in the near future.

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