Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My design is published!!

I am soooooo excited as this is the very first time I have ever had anything published in a magazine that I designed and created.
It is called Merry Christmouse hanger and its in Handmade magazine Vol.24 No.12.
I enjoy reading Handmade each month and to have my design in there is so exciting.

I am getting more of my designs published in there but dont know when for sure. I love designing and will be doing alot more and down the track I want to do pattern packets with my designs.

4 lovely people said....:

Solstitches said...

Vicki that is SO exciting! I am just thrilled for you.
Maybe I should get your autograph now LOL.
I wish I could get Handmade magazine to see your design. Will you be able to put a picture on here eventually? I'd love to see. Congrats. again!


Suzi-q said...

Congratulations Vicki, you must be so excited, I have that magazine and the mice are so cute, never seen them done like that before.
Yes you should put a pic up for everyone to see

patchwitch said...

ah tozz, it is a very nice (and also very funny design) :D

Lynelle said...

Hi, your fantastic work, I love your design, for exchange from Christmas to Christmouse. I have this magazine, Well done, Vicki. Linnie from Craft Forum