Sunday, 17 December 2006

Tilly - The Doll

I got the pattern for Tilly for a Xmas present. So I decided while I am making up one I may as well make up one each for my daughter, son's g/f, friend and mother-in-law and I ended up miss calculating the numbers of arms and legs to cut out and ended up with 8 lots of dolls. So I have 2 that are wanting a home.

I think they are gorgeous and I love my Tilly and my daughter loves hers and the others havent gone to thier owners yet.

3 lovely people said....:

janjan said...

They are so cute, I've made about 5 dolls in 5 years. I want to have a bash making more now I have granddaughters. I love Tilly.

janjan said...

Forgot to mention - I'm MrsMik

Maureen said...

I'm not what you'd call a doll-lover,but yours cuddling the cat has made me fell all warm & fuzzy!
(guess who's a cat lover?? )
and to help identify me,Iluv2CQ on the Craft club!

ps, have you worjked out your embroidery frames yet??
Maureen who luvs2cq :-)