Sunday, 3 December 2006

Hi and welcome to my blog!

Hi to all my friends and future friends. Welcome to my part of the world. In here I will put up pics of things I have done and hope to do and of different things going on in my life.
Let me tell you about me....well I am married and I have 3 kids. The eldest is with his gorgeous girl friend and loving life with racing his Bongo car and his Burn Out Ute. He is in his 30's and just the best looking fella ...gee that makes me in my 50's! I am not going to tell you exactly how old I am as I dont think age is a factor. My second son is our Angel Son as he fell victim to suicide in 2002. I miss him tremendously and still think he is just going to walk thru the door and say "Hello Mumsy" as he did. He was 26 so good looking and I miss his hugs too.
My third child is a gorgeous daughter who is now 26 and she is with her boy friend and together they have two beautiful boys. My little apple of my eye pumpkins!
I love all sorts of crafts ...well I havent really got into doing scrapbooking and card making, but all sorts of other crafts I love. I really need to live till I am well and truly over 300 years old to do all I want to do. I have done sewing since I was a kid, I used to sew up clothes for my dolls. When I was a teenager I used to sew my own clothes, especially my pants as I had and still do have long legs and I just couldnt find pants long enough so had to make my own. I had a lot of original pants. My mother taught me how to knit and I taught myself how to crochet. I have done pottery and ended up teaching that for a while, I have also done folk art and taught that for a few years also. Now I am into patchworking, stitcheries, appliques, doll making and love bags and totes. I have a big stash of fabrics and really shouldnt get anymore until after we have moved to Melbourne but I just cant help myself. I think its a disease patchworkers get when they start sewing.
I have made all the ones on my blog and I enjoy being in the swaps on the Handmades forum as I get to have things made by other keen sewers from all over the world and Australia. Great fun.
Thats it for now and when I think of some more later on I will add some more.
Thanks for reading my bit on the web. :) Have fun with what ever you do.

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janjan said...

Once you get going you won't be able to stop. I think once you start getting comments left then you will know people are reading yours.