Sunday, 3 December 2006

Christmas Quilt

I made this Christmas quilt as I didnt have anything Christmassy in sewing stuff. I have several things I have painted and I will post them at a later date for you to see but at the moment I just wanted my Christmas quilt up as I designed it myself and I am pleased how it turned out. I have really gotten into this patchwork and sewing again. I used to sew alot about 20 years ago but then got into painting when the kids got older and wouldnt really wear anything that I made for them. I went all out with my painting as I did folk art and decorative painting. I love the whimsical painting as it so different and unique.

1 lovely people said....:

Jude said...

The Xmas wall hanging looks great and glad you are doing some sewing. It can be very satisfying to complete a project and hang it for all to see.