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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Block 2 and another Show and Tell

I am very proud to show everyone Tonny’s version of Flirting With Flowers. Isn’t it lovely?
Fotos Tonny 003
I love how she has done the zigzag and decorated her borders around the appliqued blocks. Well done Tonny!
Several of you have emailed me and asked for the patterns of this BOM and I will put up a link today so that you can easily purchase them.
Like the On My Heart BOM patterns.
Thanks everyone for enjoying these BOMs. It warms my heart knowing that they are liked.
Today is time for Block No. 2 of my Ooh La La Shoes BOM.
Block 2 a (Medium)
I hope you are all enjoying sewing this one and the patterns can be obtained from The Pickledish Patch store and also available from Maree’s shop.
The patterns are available in paper patterns.
Have you seen these cute little handmade wooden delights that are available in my store? There are Needle Holders, Quick Un-picks, Tape Measures and the too cute Pin Heads.
These are handmade in Victoria from recycled Red Gum fence posts and look fabulous put on show in your sewing room. Each one is unique so no two are the same.
Prices start at $16.50.
Last days for the “Off The Bolt " Fabric sale.
Grab a metre or two of these gorgeous fabrics while they are at a reduced price of $12.95 per metre.
Sale ends Sunday 17th April.
Thanks everyone for your well wishes with me making the decision to leave the Among the Gum Trees.
I appreciate all your comments.
Hugs to all…..Vicki

Monday, 14 March 2011

Ooh La La Shoes - BOM

I am excited to have this gorgeous French flavoured BOM available for you.

Do you love shoes?

Of course you do...what girl doesn't?

As I said yesterday...I gave you the Hat Stand stitchery blocks a while ago and thought shoes would go nicely with them. 
So here you are Ooh La La Shoes.
This is block 1

It will be a 9 monthly BOM and there are 9 blocks all up with the layout instructions in with the 9th block.

Each block is $4.50 PDF's which will be emailed within 48 hours to you.

$6.60 Pattern Packets + $2.00 postage which will be posted to you the next business day.

Go to my "The Pickledish Patch" store where these are available from there.
Hugs to all....Vicki

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Ooh La La ???

Remember these?
Group picture copy
Well of course you do…they are the Hat Stand Blocks that I gave you all…they are still available from my blog right HERE or click on the Hat Stand button on the right. Many of you stitched them up and used them in your projects … Well…….
I am excited to bring you new blocks for you to stitch.
DPP_0003 (Medium) copy
These little shapes are all sewn on to the BOM and look oh so pretty.
DPP_0005 (Medium)11
And these are the ‘stars’ of the new BOM
DPP_0008 (Medium) copy
I know you cant see much and I am sorry for teasing you but I promise the first block will be available real soon.
All up there will be nine blocks and the final layout of the BOM.
It makes a gorgeous wall hanger which measures 22 1/2 x 23inches.
 I just have to finish writing up the patterns and sort out PayPal so that you can purchase them.
Block one will be available from my blog first up and once my website for my The Pickledish Patch store is up and running they will be available from there. 
It’s not long now until my store is open and I am getting so excited about that as its been a lot of hard work sorting it out.
I should have the first block available tomorrow ..fingers crossed.
hugs to all……Vickis Signature2