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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I was spoilt ………

As some of you know it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I was spoilt from lovely friends and family.

It was a big birthday for me as I turned 60!!! Where have all the years gone? I still feel like I am in my 40’s.

I love all the pressies I got and thank you very much to you all.

bday pressies (1) Chloe loves sitting on my chest of drawers with her big sister. Thanks Tony xxxx     

bday pressies (2)

Gorgeous patterns, Charm Pack, threads and Body Butter…It’s lovely!

Thank you Jen. xxx

bday pressies (3)

New Jelly Rolls that are gorgeous .. Thank you Pauline xxx

bday pressies 1 (1)

Lovely Lace, wall hangers, sachet and Kath Kidson Bath Powder – Love!!

Thanks Fee xxx

bday pressies 1 (2)

Love this bracelet… its gorgeous!! Thanks Joy xxx

bday pressies 1 (3)

 Special embroidered hearts …. gorgeous!! Thanks Juliet xxx

bday pressies 1 (4)

Love these Hot Pads from Barb … Thanks Barb xxx

bday pressies 1 (5)

A terrific frog and a lovely embroidered doily … Love them…

Thanks Ondrea xxx

I got some lovely pressies from my parents-in-law and they made a special lunch of roast pork…Mmmm it was yumm!!

Plus a birthday cake with the candles 60 on it!!

I also got lots of birthday wishes from a lot of people on

FaceBook and Our Craft Forum and was made to feel very special and loved.

Thank you all and special hugs to you all xxxx

Have a great day


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I have been sewing!

Yes I have…..I haven't been blogging much and I have so missed you all!!
It was my darling daughter Zoei’s birthday last week
Happy Birthday gorgeous girl !!
and also my Mothers….gosh she would have been 82 years old.
for blog (8)
I told you a couple of blog posts ago that I was sewing up Spin City by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. …well this is as far as I have got…I need to sandwich it with the quilt batting and backing fabric and then I am going to do an all over meandering machine quilting design on it.
I just don't know why I haven't been blog hopping lately and I guess just life has been leading me in other areas.
for blog (9)
This is a Christmas Table runner for a special lady and it is straight but for some reason the photo makes it look all out of shape and crooked.
But I have been sewing and creating and writing up patterns and getting these and the projects off to the different magazines. So I have had to focus on these or I would have made lots of mistakes and not be able to get them into the magazines.
Also a few Framed Hexagons have gone in the post to go to their new homes….
for blog (2)for blog (3)for blog (4)for blog (5)for blog (6)
These above are the ones I did in the swap and these ones are the ones I have received…
hexies (1)hexies (2)hexies (3)hexies (4)hexies (5)
Plus I have got back to stitching up my little Hexie flowers
for blog (10)
so I have been keeping busy….
hugs to all…..

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sometimes I just ‘Love It’

Do you ever do that?

Just Love something to bits?

I do love a lot of things but my latest ‘Love It’ is my Vintage Dishes quilt. I bought the pattern and a FQ bundle

Sew Cherry fabric and Maximum Attachment Storage

with my birthday money I got and began sewing it and the more I got done the more I just couldn’t help but say Oh I ‘Love it’!

The dishes blocks all came together nicely


Then it was the little cups…..but I didn't take any pictures of these…..

finally it was the zig zag borders

zig zag

then it was put them all together….

DPP_0001 (Large)1

DPP_0002 (Large)1

DPP_0005 (Large)1

So now I have to sort out the batting and backing and then its off to the quilters…..I wouldn’t even think about doing the quilting myself. Its too big for a start.

I think doing the pattern in the fabrics that Lori Holt did hers in makes it all the more delightful.

The fabric range is Sew Cherry by Lori Holt from Bee In My Bonnet for Riley Blake. Wish I got a commission for this plug but alas I don’t.

So what are the things you say ‘Love It’ to?

Hugs to all……


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wow.....blown away again!

No not by the storm or bad winds but by
some very special people in my life.
I am a very lucky girl and feel very blessed by such lovely friends.

I was thrilled to receive some lovely birthday gifts from my special friends.

Thank you very much everyone for making me feel special on my birthday.
Special hugs to you all.....

I have been very spoilt and I also got some money from the birthday club I am in on Khris’ craft forum and I had a ball spending it.

I have loved this quilt pattern when it first came out and when I ordered it they was offering reduced freight if your order was over $40… I had to get more didnt I? The FQ bundle was half price….Bargain!!!
Then I visited another favourite fabric place and got myself some gorgeous fabrics that I have had my eye on for some time too….They came yesterday so I am a happy little vegimite :)

Vintage Modern….yumm!

and I got these just because I like them.

I am going to be busy sewing now.
Hugs to all…..

Friday, 8 June 2012

Happy Birthday Bailey

My very first grandson is 11 years old today!

Happy Birthday my darling boy!

He was a very cute baby and is still cute today
and was a very good baby for his Mummy and Daddy too.

He and I would chat away to each other.

He is so gorgeous! and today is his 11th Birthday.
Gosh!! where have those years gone to?

Happy Birthday Bailey
love you lots and lots.
Special hugs from your NooNoo.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

A good week….

I hope that all the Mums in the world had a lovely day last Sunday for Mother’s Day, and were thoroughly spoilt. I got phone calls from my gorgeous son and gorgeous daughter (they live in WA and I am here in Melbourne) and earlier in the week I got a little parcel from my son with a Mothers Day card and a present in the card :) and also a flash drive was in there and on that flash drive was videos of his gorgeous little son.

The last time I saw him he was just born. Now he is giggling and laughing and having lots of fun with his Dad and Mum. Don’t they grow so quick? He is now 6 months old. I am looking forward to Christmas this year because it will be spent with them and so I will get to know my new grandson. Can’t wait!! It was so good to see him and have watched the videos over and over :)

My darling husband got me some flowers (my favourite ones) for Mother’s Day…aren’t they just so pretty? I love carnations.

flowers from Tony - Mothers Day 2012 (1)

I got a parcel in the post earlier in the week and I had to open it straight away…

It was from my dear friend Jenny……. it was for my birthday which is this Friday and I should have waited but I just couldn’t. It’s the little girl in me hehehe

I love the little cushion and it will be lovely to rest my head on it or even my hands when I am hand sewing. Jenny has so thoughtfully put lavender in the cushion and I love smelling that so it will relax me when I get stressed about things.

From Jenny 2012 (1)

The recipe book….OMG!! the recipes in it are to die for! Lots of cakes and sweet things, and Jenny and I both share a love of vintage lace and things and she sent me this spool of 50 yr. old lace…how special is that!  ….thank you so much Jenny you have thoroughly spoilt me.

I was also spoilt from Diana and Doris who both thought of me this week.

From secondhandrose

Thank you Diana…I love the vintage hankies and they have a ‘V’ on them. How special is that?

From Doris

Doris is very clever and she crocheted me this gorgeous doily. She knows I love doily's and wanted me to have one made by her..I will treasure it for ever Doris :) Thank you :)

I am so blessed to have lovely friends and this week has been a lovely week because of these friends even tho I had to take my very much loved and appreciated sewing machine in to the doctors….waaaah!!

I hope you all have a lovely week and have lovely friends also.

hugs to all……