Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A visit to a special person in my life.

While I was in Adelaide for the Let’s Get Stitched weekend, I snuck off on the Saturday to visit my lovely Auntie Nellie. She is my Godmother as well and its been near on 18 years since I last saw her. Too long!!!

Vicki and Auntie Nellie (1) (Large)

It was so lovely to see her again and she hasn’t changed much at all, she is the lovely lady that has humour with lots of love that I know. Of course we keep in touch via the phone but to be able to hug her in real life is special.

On the day, 4 of my female cousins (all Auntie Nellie’s nieces) who are around my age and who lived close by came for the day also and it was so good to catch up with them as its been many many years since I last saw them too.

Vicki and Josephine


Vicki and Sharee (Large)


Vicki and Diane (Large)


Vicki and Susan (Large)

and Susan

are very special ladies and I am proud to call them my cousins.

It was hard to get a group photo so a couple were taken…

Di Vicki Nellie Susan JosephineSharee Vicki Nellie Susan Di

Thanks for a special day Auntie Nellie and my gorgeous cousins.

have nice day

Hugs to All…..


9 lovely people said....:

Willow Grove Quilting - Kez said...

Great photos. Lovely to catch up with family. It's always to long between visits. So nice to ad a visit into a time away.

clare's craftroom said...

How nice to see your lovely Auntie she is very special x

Marilyn said...

What a special bonus for you on what was a wonderful weekend. It was lovely for your cousins to join you as well.

Noela said...

Always lovely to catch up with family. Hugs.....

KaHolly said...

Oh, what fun!! So glad you had this opportunity!!

Teresa said...

Lovely photos Vicki. I didn't realise it had been that long since you'd seen her when you went to visit that day. How special you all got the chance to catch up then. xx

Wendy B said...

Always a special time when you get to visit family from so far away! Special memories and gorgeous photos!!! xoxox
sugary hugs hunny!

Karen's Korner said...

What a special photo of all you girls for the family album. It is nice to be able to catch up with family.

lora said...

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