Thursday, 29 December 2011

A special 2011 Christmas and Beautiful friends!

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spent special happy times with your family and loved ones.

My husband and his parents and I had a lovely quiet Christmas and of course we ate way too much. Roast turkey, pork and delicious ham with lovely salads and stuffing from the turkey. Pavlova was delicious too and we all enjoyed feasting on all these lovelies.

First in the morning we had the ritual of opening the presents. Of course I was delighted with all I got and was spoilt from my husband and parents in law.

My kids spoilt me also and I am truly blessed.

I was also spoilt from some of my special friends who are a special part of my life…

I will treasure this Diary and cover, soap and hand cream from JoyJoy also gave me some delicious chocolates…but they didn’t make the photo session. *grin* Thank you so much dear Joy and I love them all.

From Joy (1) (Medium)

 Fee sent me this gorgeous little wall hanger which hangs above where I sew so I can see it always.

Plus a cute little note book and spoon rest.

Thank you sweet Fee.From Fiona (1) (Medium)

From my long time online friend Barb I was delighted to be given a cushion in my favourite colours. Barb knows me well.. Thank you so much Barb…I love my soft cushion which sits on my lounge chair. From Barb (1) (Medium)

I have been wanting to make a little pin cushion for some time so that it fitted in my little sewing bag I grab on the way out the door for when I sit at the doctors or where ever while I wait for my husband while he is having his appointments and Ondrea must have tapped into my thoughts. She gave me this adorable little pin cushion with this fabulous thread catcher made from hexagons. Thanks Ondrea…I now have a pin cushion for my second sewing bag I grab on my way out the door. Ondrea is another long time online friend.

From Ondrea (2) (Medium)

I love nice smelly soaps and this lavender one from Dawn is so beautifully scented. From Dawn (2) (Medium)

Dawn made me a gorgeous little bag with the cutest of buttons From Dawn (1) (Medium)

and the choccies are gone now and they were delicious! Thanks Dawn for these lovely gifts.

Thanks everyone for making my Christmas a special one.

We won’t be going to any New Years Eve party but will have a couple of quiet drinks with my husbands parents. Probably be hitting the pillow at our usual time of 11pm.

Did I tell you that Bella (my darling pup) comes and stands and looks at me intently as if to say….Well ….its bed time now…. She does this at 11pm every night. She is amazing and every day shows me how intelligent she is.

I have never had such a dog as her.

We spoilt her for her Christmas too…she got some new toys and she loves them.

Hugs to all…..



5 lovely people said....:

Pauline said...

Absolutely beautiful gifts are truly blessed ! love them all..have a great new year!!!

Kate said...

Beautiful gifts.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Gorgeous gifts, Vicki. :) Your Christmas Day sounded lovely ( apart from that problem with the downpour).
Bella sounds like Honey- DH reckons she has a built in alarm clock, she comes and lets us know when it is 11am, as she gets a raw chicken neck every day at that time, just before I get our lunch. :)
We don't stay up until midnight any more either. Were deciding whether to go out for dinner, but DH has a little rock lobster and crab in the freezer and I have a hankering for a steak and garlic bread so that will do nicely. We will be up at our usual time on New Years Day and probably feeling a lot better than 90% of the people around here-LOL.

quilterliz said...

G'day Vicki. Glad you had a great Christmas. I hope the New Year is a safe and happy one for you and your family. Take care. Liz...

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Wishing you all the very best of health, happiness, love and creativeness for 2012
Big hugs,