Thursday, 18 February 2010

Where has the time gone?

What’s going on? Time is flying by ….we are in the middle of February already!!

I have been fiddling around with a few little bits but I feel like I have been busy but not much to show for it.

I finally finished another Breast of Friends BOM block No. 12. This one is by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches and I really enjoyed sewing it.


I have the next one traced out and that’s as far as I have got with that one.


I have been working on the layout for my BOM and will have that up for you all soon…very soon.


I have also been doing a fair bit of blog hopping too and I love looking at all your blogs. You are all so very talented!! Just love it and I get so inspired by what you all do. I don’t get to go to a sewing group so blog hopping is my sewing battery charger. How do you recharge your sewing batteries? Do you go to sewing groups or are you rather isolated and too far from anywhere?

One day I am going to start a sewing group as I have the perfect place….but that is later on.


I am still in a Framed Hexagon Swap on the Craft Forum and the last couple of months have been exciting as these are the ones I received from


From MeredithB

and from Willoger

6 - From Willoger

and I sent these gorgeous Hexies to


6 - To MeredithB

and to Willoger

7 - To Willoger


I am also loving have you tell me and also show me your completed blocks from my Flirting with Flowers BOM. I love also that you are all enjoying sewing these blocks too.

Here are some who have done a beaut job of theirs.

Janet (no Blog)Love the deep blue flowers.


Tudy did hers as a stitchery and it looks fabulous!


Enga – I love the background fabric you used.

1 - Enga

Sandra did two different colourways…they look great!


Also here you can see Sandra has done the second block too…

Great sewing Sandra I love the gold and purple together.


Wendy has been busy also….Wow! I love it Wendy.


Anita has done both blocks and they look so pretty.

blok 1

blok 2

Jeannie (no Blog) has been busy too and produced this beauty.


Julia (no Blog) showed me these two lovely versions and they are just fabulous.flippy daisy block 2

Also this one looks great too from Janet (no Blog)


This gorgeous block was sewn by Annie


and this one is Teresa's block....just gorgeous! It’s beautiful!

P1070713 (Small)

It’s great seeing all the different colours that everyone has used. Thank you for showing me everyone :) I hope you all enjoyed seeing the different ones too.

Hugs To All……Vicki

16 lovely people said....:

Debbie said...

That framed hexagon swap sounds interesting, Tozz. Is it something that is still open? Can you give the link to the Craft Forum that you mentioned. I skimmed through your sidebars, if it's there, I missed it, sorry.

stitchinfiend said...

Beautiful renditions of Flirting with flowers. Love those framed hexagons really pretty.

I don't have any close friends who stitch so Blog Hopping and Bulletin Boards are my way of connecting with other stitchers.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your block Vicki and what wonderful show and tell from every ones version of your BOM...

clare's craftroom said...

A beautiful block done in "sew" many different colours , the ladies have all done a great job !

Anonymous said...

love, love the hex's! you all are doing great job on those.
Love your bock of the month, it really is so fun to do!

Allie said...

Ooh your block is lovely, Vicki - love Natalie's stuff.

I love seeing all the different versions of your BOM! I started mine yesterday - I'm hoping to finish both blocks this week. It's easier with all the Olympic coverage, it means I sit more. And I have to stitch while I sit!

I recharge with blogs too, no sewing groups around here, or if there are, they're full. That's ok, I'd rather stay home in my jammies, lol.

Love the hexxies!

KaHolly said...

They are all so beautiful, each and every one! I've been recharging all winter by visiting everyone's blogs while I travel. I'm heading home to my sewing room tomorrow and can't wait to get back to work stitching and sewing! Everyone has been such an inspiration to me, I don't know where to start! ~karen

Just Ramblin' said...

Everyone's work is beautiful and so fun and inspiring to see. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if the
Framed Hexagon Swag is still open or if there is website we could go to. I have recently completed two of the "Flirting with Flower" blocks and also completed a hexagon wall hanging that you had instructions for. I believe they were for a Christmas ornament but I changed mine. I posted pictures on my blog if you'd like to see them. Nola

Paula said...

Wow, love seeing all of the beautiful blocks! What a great project! I LOVE your Breast of Friends Block.

alice said...

OH-I so have to catch up. We start moving in to our house on Tuesday, so I am hoping to get busy soon. I hope. Everyone's blocks are so gorgeous! L, A-

Debs said...

Oh Vicki I am so inspired to go and do something in my sewing room after looking at your lastest blog posts.

Wendy B said...

Time does fly, doesn't it?? It'll be March before we know it!
It's wonderful to see all the different interpretations of your flirty flowers (snigger) BOM.... they're all bew-di-ful and so much fun to make!!!! I've just finished the second one...must blog it tonight too. I always meant to get to the Breast of Friends BOM....your's looks great.
Blogs recharge my sewing battery too...but so does our guild group.... power to the Quilting community, in all its many forms!!
Sugary hugs XX Wendy 'O)

Micki said...

All those blocks are so pretty, especially the flowers.

Julia said...

Love your new block Vicki and what a wonderful show and tell from sure have inspired so many.
Julia ♥

teresa said...

ha ha ..... that would be my block Vicki that you have no name for!!! I love this block. Can't wait for the next one... xx

belinda said...

Wow....such great stitching from
everyone....great hexie blocks too!