Friday, 13 November 2009

I’ve been busy with some swaps.

The last few months have been busy with sending and receiving swaps. On the Craft Forum we all join in the different swaps and have fun sending things here there and everywhere.

First of all we are doing a Framed Hexagon swap which everyone who is in it are loving it and cant wait for the next month to do the next one and get it off to their partner and receive one of course.

1 - From DebsW

I got this one from DebsW

1 - To DebsW

and I sent this one to her.

I got these two from Ondrea

2 - From Ondrea

she couldn’t resist the one with the Ambulance as that was around the time when I had my broken wrist and had to be taken to the hospital in one.

2 - To Ondrea

I had to send Ondrea this one as she loves that Champers. heheheh…

 3 - From Linda 3 - To Linda

The first one Linda sent me and the one with the Rose I sent to her.

4 - From Suziewong

MMm…Love the chokky

…this one I got from Suziewong and I sent her this one..

4 - To Suziewong

and last but not least this is the one I have not long sent to Barb

5 - To Barbara Graham

We all plan to put them together when we have swapped 9 or 12 and either do a wall hanger or a table runner or something along those lines. Its going to be good to see them all sewn together as we have all asked for our own themes.


Next lot of gifts we all swapped are

Bookmarks from Iris Joy Fechner

Bookmarks! Iris sent me these gorgeous ones and I sent her this one.

For Iris Joy Fechner


Then a few of us decided to have a Table Runner swap…

this is what Domac sent me…

from Domac

and this is what I sent her…

Table Runner for Norma

Told ya I’ve been busy…now I know why I haven't blogged much lately…

Plus…..I am finally able to show you what I sent to my Stitchers Angel as I have heard from her saying she has received it and loves it all. She is in Brazil!

Stitchers Angel swap (2)


Also I finally finished making and putting together my parcels for my PIF ladies.

So Jeanette and Dawn I posted them today so keep an eye out for the postie next week as he will have your parcels…hope you both like them.


So ….wow….that's a long post today. I do hope you all are having lots of sewing fun and today was the day to finally get your Quick Christmas Swap off to your partner….I posted mine this morning, so its winging its way to Sweden to Louise now.

What fun things have you been up to lately?

Hugs to all…….Vicki

17 lovely people said....:

Tarnyia said...

WOW you have been very very busy Vicki.. love those hexagons, i have seen them on others blogs and did wonder about who where and how to sign up.. maybe next year there will be another one... a great idea the table runner swap too.. fabulous work by all :)

Little Green Doll said...

You have been really busy!! The hexagons are very beautiful! the bookmarks are wonderful! and the table runners are great!! Your Stitcher Angel is very lucky, I'm sure she's very happy with it!

clare's craftroom said...

Thanks Vicki , it's lovely to see all those beautiful things .

teresa said...

Gorgeous Vicki... love the hexagons... what a great idea... love the bookmarks.. and what you sent your partner in the secret angel swap is divine.. she's so lucky. Must show you the gorgeous bookmark my mum made me and I received in the mail today..

Maria said...

You sure have been busy with your swaps.
Love the hexagons,just a great idea for a swap.
I am sure your secret angel will be thrilled with her parcel.
I have also signed up for many swaps and got them in the mail this week.

Gloria J W said... must have been stitching in your sleep! What beautiful things you have created. Rainbow smiles... Gloria

What Comes Next? said...

you have been very busy - and lucky, too! Lovely swap items, all around. Those hexagons will make lovely projects all stitched together, although they are fabulous all by themselves, too!

Kim D. said...

Very cute blocks.

Miriam said...

Wow, you have got a lot of sewing done!! I love all the cute coasters.

I think your Stitchers Angel partner would have been very happy with all those goodies!!!!!

Allie said...

My goodness, do you not need much sleep or what? You have been so busy! I love everything you made and recieved. That chocolate cake hexie is looking mighty yummy, lol!

Dawn said...

Oh Vicki, you sure have been super busy.... I love your hexy's... they look fab.....And ooh ooh I forgot I was to receive from you for the PIF... now I am excited....must finish mine too...
Hugs Dawn x x

Chookyblue...... said...

lots of beautiful stitching.........

Funoldhag said...

Such really great exchanges you are making! All of you girls in the swaps are really doing super work for each other--keep having fun. Carol

Micki said...

The hexagons are just so pretty, and your Stitcher Angel package was wonderful!
Enjoy yuour swpas!

liloca, liloquinha said...

Muito obrigada novamente, coloquei no blog seus presentes maravilhos!!! Espero que voce tenha gostado dos que recebeu tanto como eu gosteidos seus.
Foi especial!!!
Vou sempre lembrar de você!!!!
Mas uma vez meu muito obrigado!!!
liége- Brasil

Teresa said...

Wow, so many cute things. I just love the framed hexagons and the table runner is beautiful.

Jeanneke said...

You have been busy!
Love the coasters and the table runner is so beautiful!
I've joined my first swap ever until now, trying to make the best of it, since I am a bit 'hand'icapped. But I love it! I hope there will be lots of them to come I can join.
Enjoy your swaps, your stitching is beautiful! Have fun.