Saturday, 17 October 2009

Several things to tell you….

Having ‘me’ time is nice as some sewing gets done. I made blocks 7, 8, 9 & 10 of Debbie Mumm’s Natural Wonders Quilt BOM she has on her website and so now I am up to date with that until the next one is put up on the 1st of November. Then its one more block after that and then I can put it all together. I am loving this one as the colours are what I love.

7th Block 8th Block 9th Block 10th Block

Lots of different methods are done in the blocks too which is great as you don't get bored with them.


The other day we had some lovely little visitors…I was so excited and delighted to see Mamma Duck with her babies in our yard. Aren’t they just so cute?


I shake a bit when I take photos and so they aren't too clear.


She had 7 babies all up but after I went to the front of the yard a bit later on after she ducked under the fence I found number 7 at the front but he had died…poor little thing…I was upset and wondered why he died and thought that maybe he got stranded and that was it.


I thought I would put all my quilts together all folded up to see them as I have come across several ladies who have done this and they always look so good.


It was also time to fold them a different way so that they didn't get a fold line and wear the fabric out along that line from being folded all the time.

I have more quilts and one is at the magazines and I didn't make the other two so couldn't include them in this photo.

I hope you have a great weekend and give out lots of hugs as its nice to get them too :)

Hugs to all……..Vicki

19 lovely people said....:

DianeH said...

Hi Vicki! What a beautiful duck Mama is with her wee ones in tow.
Too sad about little number seven.
That's a great looking pile of quilts, there is something wonderful about a pile of quilts, isn't there?

Joy said...

Awwww, so sorry about poor ducky #7!! All the others are just so adorable with their Mama!!
Vicki I love all your quilts all stacked up like that, I see you got a candlewicked one tucked in the middle there - I love candlewicking :o).
Love your Mumm blocks too, I'm finding so little time to stitch at the moment - need to reorganise myself LOL.
Joy :o)

Loralynn said...

I love your blocks and your quilts! The colors on your blocks are so fall-ish, very pretty. So sad about the baby duck.

Dena said...

Those little ducklings with momma duck are so cute. I'm sorry to hear about number 7. Love your blocks.

Karen's Korner said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your "visitors" . Poor little one that did not make it. Nature is cruel sometimes. Love your blocks.

clare's craftroom said...

My verification word is buggerck !
That what I said about poor no 7 !

Lucky-1 said...

How cute are those It heartbreaking to find a baby duckling dead:( Love those blocks...great colours.:D

alice said...

Your little feathery family is so cute. Spring is in the air!! I love your color choices for the Natural Wonders--wish I had thought of putting my favorite purple in somewhere. I am finally caught up of that one too. It feels good to get them done. A-

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Vicki,
Oh, that quilt in the making looks very intricate with lots of different designs. Well done.

Ah,Mama duck and baby ducks are so cute. Lucky you could get a photo at all. They always seem to run away from my camera. shame about #7 baby duck.

Goodness, what will you do with all those quilts?
Thanks for sharing,

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Vicki- love those blocks, have hardly ever used mustards etc, but there is some used in my medallion and it looks great- making me change the way I think about colours! I love seeing quilts all folded on top of each other like that :`) I "spy" some applique on the quilt directly above your candlewicked one!!
I like the idea of quilts hanging on the rungs of an old wooden ladder, too.
Sweet Mummy Duck and her babies, so sad that one didn't survive.

Teresa said...

Nice picture of the momma and her baby ducks. I too like to see stacks of quilts. Thanks for he reminder to refold - I need to do that too.

Gloria said...

Very pretty blocks Vicki. &
Those ducks are just darling.
I really like that bag too.


Hi Vicki--love your blocks for the Debbie M quilt--I just seen Alices over on her site--I missed that bom somehow??? Love the ducks--here where I live near the lake we have alot of ducks too--when I had my store one day 6 of them came in the back door and wandered around--I was worried cause I didn't see a Momma--but she was around. Your quilts look homey all stacked up like that----Hugs, Di

Allie said...

Vicki, your blocks are wonderful! That's going to be a lovely quilt!
Poor little baby duck - I think your pictures turned out just fine! I shake and have to use a tripod ALL the time.
I love your pile of quilts. I have one too, but it's been so cold at least 3 have been on my bed every night, on top of my comforter, lol! They're scrunched up in my china cabinet - I need to move my books so I can use the whole bottom shelf.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi darling Vicki!

Some hugs for you {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}!!!!

Loves ya!
Vikki xoxo

miss~nance said...

Just love the duck family but was also sad about little 7.

We often have ducks wandering around our yard not always with babies though.

Your quilts look gr8 folded
up like that.

Hgs & Blessings


alice said...

Hi Vicki-
Thanks for visiting my blog. I believe the Harmony blocks are supposed to fit together into rows first. The instructions tell you to leave some of the blocks in pieces so that they fit together easier. I am hoping anyway. I am having fun with it! A-

Micki said...

The BOM looks like such fun! The blocks are beautiful!

maggi said...

Lovely colours in the blocks.

Such cute little babies too. Guess number 7 was natures way.