Friday, 17 April 2009

Here is a link to a gorgeous tutorial on how to make Ballet Slippers at Shabby Raggy Roses plus she is having a giveaway too.

5 lovely people said....:

Christy said...

Hello Tozz! Thanks for the lovely link!

Purpleflowerpatch said...

Congrats on your win, Vicki!!! How are you going to choose which pair?? They are all so cute. :-)

Lisalou said...

Hi Vicki! I sew because it allows all the creativeness to come out and I love learning so much from others and I love that it challenges my mind when trying to figure out how I can make something. Thanks!

Judith Tetley said...

Wow...a new pair of ballet slippers Vicki...congratulations!
I like the pretty pink roses and lace..drool.
Kind Regards

Isabella said...

Hi Vickie, sorry my blog is not going anyplace these days but thanks for being my follower :)
congrats on getting to your 100th post. I sew just to keep me happy