Monday, 22 December 2008

Medallion Round Robin 2008

On the craft forum a few of us ladies decided to do a Medallion Round Robin for 2008 and I started this with the centre by applique on it and then the next lady did a border and passed it on to the next lady and on it went to several different ladies until I got it back just the other day. I love how its turned out and am delighted with what the ladies did on it. I just have to back it now and maybe do some quilting. Not sure yet.

Medalion Round Robin 2008

5 lovely people said....:

clare said...

Vicki I would be happy too . Didn't everyone do a beautiful job .
Clare's Craftroom

princess pudge said...

oh my, i'm so impressed and gobsmacked! it's gorgeous!

clare said...

Vicki , I meant I would be sooo happy ending up with something so beautiful .
Clare's Craftroom

Tozz said...

Clare now I understand what you about having a duh moment. Yes I am very happy with it

Miss Muggins said...

wow - what a stunner! Have you seen the other quilts as well?