Saturday, 16 August 2008

A Bag for my darling daughter for her Birthday

This bag I made from left over triangle squares that I have used in a quilt I am making for my daughter. I thought why have them laying around and wonder what to do with them and so I put them together and added some panels and a stitchery, a handle and some sides and of course I lined it and now I just hope she likes it. Here birthday isnt until next week and so I will put some jammies and chokkie and knickers and anything else I can find in it. I have to post it off to her as she lives a very long way from me .....Boo Hoo.....I hate being so far from my kids and grandkids!!

This beautiful Cherry Blossom tree had to be photographed by me!! Each time I drive past it on the way to the shops I keep thinking how lovely it is...actually there are a few around my area and anyway I went for a walk with my camera and took a photo of it. I could have taken a photo of a lady pinching some daffodils out of someones front garden too .....I tell you ...the cheek of her!! She literally pulled the whole thing up....bulb and all!!

3 lovely people said....:

Jen said...

Tozz, your daughter will be wrapped to recieve the bag!
The tree is also gorgeous we have some around our area too and they just look beautiful. We, unfortunately, also have the ladies (and Gents) who are prone to pinching flowers. Drives me mad. The rudeness of it.

princess pudge said...

I love the bag tozz, if she doesn't want it, by all means, i'll take it and love it and admire it all day long!
we're trying to grow a cherry tree, sadly, i think it's dead :(

Isabella said...

That is one lovely bag, I hope you dont live in Tassie, that lady could have been ME (not)