Monday, 17 September 2007

These are my latest projects. The quilt is for my son's girlfriend and the placemats are for the both of them. The bag I just made as I liked the shape and the material and the round table mat is just a design I was trying out to see what it looked like sewed up.

2 lovely people said....:

miss~nance said...


These are just gorgeous. I have to say I love the round peice - its simply stunning.

Solstitches said...

Wonderful projects!
I'm currently going through a bag craze and love the one you've done.
The quilt is fabulous! I almost had my nose on the PC screen trying to decide if it is hand quilted?
The placemats and circular piece look to be hand quilted so I guess the quilt must be as well......
Everything you've done is just gorgeous.