Friday, 12 January 2007

This little box I did for my son's g/f.

This is a "tin bag" which I did for my friend.

This one is a Jo Sonja design which I love doing.

The one on the left and bottom are Jo Sonja designs. The cutlery box I got at a junk clean out and cleaned up the box and sanded it back and painted this design on it.

More of Jo Sonja Designs.

This hat box I found put out by someones rubbish bin with no bottom in it so had it repaired and sandblasted and then painted this design on it which is one of Jo Sonja's designs. See I love Chooks!

The one at left is a Terrie Cordray Design and I love her designs also but alas she has passed away so there will be no more wonderful designs from her :( Most sad.

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